The writeups on this page arise from my attempts to answer numerous customer questions, my own professional work, my own interests, and some school projects. Some of them are not yet finished, but I put them in here for what’s already in them. Enjoy at your discretion.


Engine Load parameter – “Calculated Engine Load” parameter, and how to use it in everyday driving.

Weight Distributing Hitches – Notes about trailer hitches, their designs and selection tradeoffs.


Digital CS Design – Ideas about implementing discrete-time control systems using digital signal processors (DSP). I co-authored this paper in 1984, just as the early DSPs were being developed.


Energy and Power Analysis – Power, Energy, and Power Factor; Active and Reactive Power for different loads and AC waveforms; MSW inverter considerations; plots that give insight into these parameters.

MSW Harmonic Analysis – a look at the Modified Sine Wave (MSW) inverter’s AC waveform in terms of harmonics, harmonic distortion, waveform parameters, and average power delivered to load. Also useful for people who need to choose between MSW and Pure Sine Wave (PSW) inverters.

MSW as PWM – gives some background on DC-AC conversion and H-bridge, shows MSW waveform a special case of pulse width modulation (PWM). Included here in support of the MSW Harmonic Analysis writeup above.

AC Power Measurements for RE systems – ideas for measuring AC power/energy in renewable energy systems or in general, at fundamental frequency and its harmonics.

Battery Issues – info about battery specifications, and considerations for making and using battery banks.

Propane Buying Strategies – if you use propane gas in your home, then you may want to look at this. – excellent visual presentation of some advanced concepts related to solar-electric systems (mismatches in solar cell voltage and current, bypass and blocking diodes in solar panels, etc).


Optimizing SS Benefits – notes on calculating and optimizing Social Security retirement benefits.

Bayes Theorem – notes on probabilities, optimal decision-making, and applications to everyday life.

Applications of Bayes Theorem – more examples of probability-based reasoning and optimal decision making in everyday life.


The Feral Hog is Evolving – notes on animal adaptation and evolution.


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