Endeavor Systems, Wilmer TX



Solving Customers’ Problems in Renewable Energy, Automotive, and Other Engineering Fields.
Applying Technology to Solve Everyday Problems.

Design and build multiple-use systems, using generic components, as follows: minimize cost, maximize performance for every $ spent, maximize system flexibility and expandability, educate customers about their options.


  1. Solar-Electric System Design and Construction
  2. Automotive Emission Circuits Repair (Check Engine Light, failed State Inspection smog test, etc)
  3. General Engineering System Design, Simulation, and Construction
  4. Government Contracting and Relations
  5. Instructions and Classes in Engineering and Science
  6. Expert Witness on Technical Issues

Jack Borninski (BSEE, MSEE) – Systems Engineer

Solar Energy: Solar Electric System Development and Construction                                                                                   Currently building solar systems ranging from small (400 W) for powering various instruments and sensors, to larger (up to 10,000 W or more) for powering residential structures. Also, small (a few hundred watts) systems for RVs and campers. Complete off-grid systems with energy storage, and/or grid-connected systems. Systems optimized for customer’s needs using computer simulation, and designed and built using state-of-the-art brand-name components and software. See the details under the RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS tab on this website.

State Inspection in Texas: Automotive Emissions Testing and Repair
Focused on giving thorough explanation to customers in case of potential vehicle emissions problems at annual State Inspection in the Dallas TX area, and on performing emissions system repairs using state-of-the-art methods and electronic tools. See the details under the AUTOMOTIVE EMISSIONS TESTING tab on this website.

Developed a new method for GPS multipath mitigation under a contract from NASA Johnson Space Center. This method is based on certain features of the PRN code tracking loop. The result is a correction factor that compensates for the multipath-induced code tracking error. Available for licensing – see the details under the GPS MULTIPATH MITIGATION tab on this website.

Developed a new method for time-synchronizing multiple data streams (with real-time and with each other), for data transfer systems and Time-Sensitive Networks. Available for licensing – see the details under the TIME SYNCHRONIZATION tab on this website.

Systems engineering in: signal processing and controls, aerospace and defense, navigation and guidance (GPS, INS, Loran, integrated systems, etc), radio system design, system time synchronization, image processing, sensors (RF, radar, inertial, etc), computer hardware and software. In 1984 co-developed what I believe was the first guide to applying digital signal processors (DSP) to implement discrete-time control systems (see the TECHNICAL INFO tab for a copy of this document, and for other technical information relevant to our business).

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