Endeavor Systems



Solving Customers’ Problems in Renewable Energy, Automotive, and Other Engineering Fields.
Applying Technology to Solve Everyday Problems.

Design and build multiple-use systems, using generic components, as follows: minimize cost, maximize performance for every dollar spent, maximize system flexibility and expandability, educate customers about their options.


  • Renewable Energy (Solar-Electric, Wind, etc) System Design and Construction
  • Hybrid Vehicle Traction Battery Reconditioning Services and Equipment
  • Automotive Emission Circuits Repair (Check Engine Light, State Inspection smog test)
  • General Engineering System Design, Simulation, and Construction
  • Government Contracting and Relations
  • Instructions and Classes in Engineering and Science
  • Expert Witness on Technical Issues

Please see the individual tabs on this website for description of these services.

Jack Borninski (BSEE, MSEE) – Systems Engineer

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